BLASEBALL: The Splort You Didn’t Know You Needed

A Beginner’s Guide to the Meme-Ish Fantasy League Sport for Non-Sports People 

By Axel Kylander, Staff Writer 

Various Blaseball teams’ logos from season 11. Image Credit: Stealthyfrog with contributions from other artists

Blaseball is a free, text-based web browser fantasy baseball game made by indie game company The Game Band. A random number generator decides the outcomes of games played by 20 teams who play on the hour, every hour, Monday through Friday, for a total of 100 games per season. The game is largely fandriven with artists and content creators adding their own visions and interpretations to what would otherwise be a much more bland simulation.  

The game was created by Sam Rosenthal and released on July 20, 2020. Rosenthal had wanted a way to connect with non-gaming friends during quarantine. The result was a free, fan-based fake sports game that developed a cult following. 

The Ink Spot staff felt simultaneously entertained and confused while test-driving the game. Staff writer Jesse Mishler asked, “Is this game some sort of troll?” and staff writer Courtney Larson echoed his question, “This seems like a big prank.” 

But, would a prank have a player that is clearly just a frog in a wizard hat? No, it wouldn’t. This sort of whimsy and snark is what blaseball is all about. 


JOIN: To join the cult, simply sign up: 

CHOOSE A TEAM: After you create an account, choose a team to support – some teams tend to be better than others, but it varies from season to season and it is totally fine to choose a team based on which name you like best or find the funniest. 

This is where you will select your blaseball team.

CHECK TEAM STATS: Now that you have a team chosen, go to the league page to check how your team ranks! The skills level of your team’s players determines the league your team will be in. 

CHOOSE AN IDOL: Shop around a bit to choose your idol! Your idol is your favorite player in the whole game and they don’t have to be from your team. It’s often best to choose someone with high stats (which you can see by clicking on a player within a team) because you earn coins every time your idol does well. 

Each team has a page like this that displays the players’ stats.

PLACE BETS: Use your starting coins to place bets on upcoming games – this is the main way you’ll generate money to buy votes and other things from the shop. You get a passive income each time your team wins, but it starts out small until you upgrade it.  

Here are the few of the things you can buy in the shop.

That should get you started on the game! Place bets, keep upgrading and follow the news! 

We are all love Blaseball, and never forget – the Commissioner is doing a great job. (Don’t understand this statement? You haven’t really played Blaseball.) 

An example of fan-created Blaseball memes and artwork. Image Credit: Stealthyfrog