Student clubs and organizations survive this semester


Prior to Covid-19, members of the Cambridge Student Senate would occasionally wear the Rocky the Ram costume around campus. Image Credit: Mackenzie Krzmarzick

Many student clubs are not operating but a handful are still going on.

By Jesse Mishler, Staff Writer

On September 8 Student clubs posted promotional videos in the virtual involvement fair. Almost every club will be done through zoom (or an online method) this semester and next. The virtual involvement fair did provide information about the clubs however there was not enough information for students about the clubs, how they operate, and how to join the clubs. Here is some clarification about the clubs that students can join now.

Hmong Club

The Hmong Club is an open space to talk about Hmong culture, learn about the Hmong language, and other fun activities. Anyone who is interested in the Hmong culture is welcome to join the Hmong club regardless of what campus you’re on. The club president, Emily Yang said, During those meets we usually use up half of the time to wiggle into club in which we play games, sing karaoke, chat, and etc.  The other half of the time our group members help us learn more of the Hmong language by teaching the basics all the way to modern day speaking! Currently there are six executive board/leadership positions which include the treasurer, the two spokeperson(s), the secretary, the vice president, and the president (which are all filled). Yang said, “most times we will be given topics to discuss about.  The topics range from modern society to stuff about Hmong heritage.  We are open to any topic as long as it is approachable and appropriate. “ The Hmong Club communicates through group chats.

If you have any questions about the Hmong club, email the club president at at ([email protected]). The Hmong club meets every Tuesday from 12pm to 2pm and every Friday from 11am to 1pm through zoom.

Students for Life Club

Members of Students for Life hosted a table to promote their message. Image Credit: Carrena Falls

The students for life club is an open space for students who support the pro-life movement and want to learn more about it. The club president, Carrena Falls said, “Before the pandemic, we hosted events like educational table setups and making cards for moms at a pregnancy center! Our group strives to educate others about the value of life, as well as encourage and assist mothers who choose life for their babies. Now, during COVID-19, our events will include things like virtual pro-life movie showings, virtual activism events, and social-distanced sidewalk counseling outside of abortion clinics.” Before the pandemic the club would talk about current abortion news and learn more about the movement each week. Now they do the same but over zoom. Falls said, ” Our club is under Students for Life of America, and our focus is making abortion illegal and unthinkable. All of our events and meetings surround the same goal! Our activism is split into 5 pillars: Effective Education (educating others on abortion), Industry Impact (exposing the abortion industry), Public Policy (enforcing pro-life legislation), Rapid Response (peacefully protesting when something bad happens), and Supportive Services (providing resources to moms in need and those affected by abortion).”

If you have any questions about the club or would like to join, email the club president at ([email protected]) or email the club advisor at ([email protected]). The club also has an Instagram (@studentsforlifearcc)

Student Senate Coon Rapids

A student senate meeting from 2018. Image Credit: Jeffrey Leonard

Student senate is an organization. Where students can share their voice on problems they face on campus and be student leaders. So far senate mainly communicates through email, but other forms of communication are being looked into. Senate President, Robert Burch, said “Before Cambridge and coon rapids didn’t connect but now, we connect more. People on Cambridge also connects with coon rapids. I really like the collaboration because even though we are different campus we are all a team. It’s nice that we can do our own thing but also collaborate. I hope that we can collaborate even after this semester/covid.” Student Senate coon rapids has a potential movie night, more kahoot trivia events, and mental health awareness events for the future. Currently senate has the President position, the vice president position, the Communications director, and the Public relations coordinator as executive board positions but only the president position has been filled. Burch said, “People showed up – We used to be able meet in person, and it would be easier to get though the agenda and talk about things. Now it’s just me and one other person. Now we can collaborate with other campus. It’s really important to collaborate with other campuses. It’s important to branch out to other people. It’s important because we’re all a team. (and sometimes the wife doesn’t work.” Anyone who was to be a student leader can join senate (Senate also give out stipends to students who put the effort in). Burch said “Student Senate is a way to engage with my peers. I have a hard time speaking with people. I have a fear of public speaking and I try to do it anyways. I try to get out of my comfort zone. I get a chance to talk to my peers. I get to have a voice that help my peers. I get to help people and I always loved helping people.

If you have any questions or would like to join Student Senate Coon Rapids, email the advisor at ([email protected]) or email the club president at ([email protected]).

Multicultural Club

An image of the Mosaic Center where the Multicultural Club would often recruit members prior to distance learning. Image Credit: Max Brown

 The multicultural club is a student club that’s open to all students who have an interest in creating cultural diversity and want to create a welcoming environment for all students of ARCC. So far, no events are planned or will be hosted this year.  Angela Vena, the Club’s Advisor said, “We used to meet in person, and it was easy to gather people who might have been hanging out in the Mosaic Cultural Center in Coon Rapids. Now our meetings are held on Zoom and we have a much smaller turn out so far this year.” Last year the club hosted events that include food and cultural decorations. Vena said, “it will be very difficult to replicate any of our events, so we will probably focus on discussion-based events while we are in this virtual format.” For the multicultural club there is no formal executive board but there is a student representative that works with planning and administrative items.

 If you would like to join the multicultural club, email the club’s advisor ([email protected]) for the zoom link. The multicultural club meets every other Wednesday at 1PM.

Creative Writing Club Coon Rapids

The creative writing club is open to students from Cambridge and coon rapids campus. Laurel Smith, the advisor said, “ All you need is enthusiasm for creative writing and the writing process. We are particularly interested in adding members who are at the beginning of their academic journey.”  Currently there are weekly meetings Wednesdays from 5-6PM. Smith said, “Currently, we are meeting over Zoom and plan to continue doing so. Meetings are fun and easy! We are also planning to utilize our D2L page quite a bit to help facilitate

The most recent copy of “Spirit River Review,” the annual literary publication created by the Creative Writing Club. Image Credit: Creative Writing Club

positive interactions between club members. Meeting time is used for student writers to provide constructive feedback to each other, to work on writing prompts, to handle club business, and to share publishing opportunities.” There currently isn’t a messenger discord (or other communication method besides zoom) but students are open to create one in the future. Right now, there is a president and vice president for the executive board, but they are considering adding other positions.

If you would like to join the creative writing club email the advisor ([email protected]) for the zoom link and the D2L site


Art Club

ARCC students can attend art club meetings virtually through zoom and share their interest in art together. Art club is open to all skill levels and all forms of art are welcome here. Previously art club met in person on the coon rapids campus in the visual arts building to plan events and communicate. Now meetings are done

A mural created by the Cambridge Art Club in 2017. Image Credit: Lavell Conroy

completely online through zoom. Art club has a D2L and communicates through email. Jessica Shimek, the advisor said, “We plan to host skill share days where members of Art Club can demonstrate a craft or technique and teach the rest of the group. Art Club members will be able join the art department for some of their events and visiting artists. We have a list of virtual art events that members are encouraged to attend. More ideas are in the works.” Art club has the president and the vice president elected. 

If you have any more questions and/or would like to join art club, email the club’s advisor at ([email protected])

Ceramics Club

The ceramics club is an open space to share your interest in ceramics and is open to all skill levels. Mark

A bowl created by a member of the Ceramics Club. Image Credit: Robin Peterson

Lambert, the advisor said,” Average meeting is that we would get together and do something in clay.” . Currently there is no other communications method besides zoom. The ceramics club would plan out events at the start of the year and currently has the Vice President and the president position for the club.

If you have any more questions or would like to join the ceramics club, email the advisor at ([email protected])



Anime Association

The Anime association is an open space for all students to talk about and appreciate anime and other forms of media like it.  The group communicates through zoom, and school email accounts but are considering a discord. The current executive board positions are the vice president and the president (Both are filled). Anthony Marchetti, the club advisor said, “The weekly meeting before the pandemic consisted of meeting in VA 208 (the Mac Lab on the Coon Rapids campus) and watching anime together. Last year, we spent most of our time watching the series ‘The Promised Neverland’. The group also held monthly potlucks and game playing meetings (board games and video games). Meetings are now conducted on Zoom. Currently, the group is watching the series ‘Black Clover’ on Hulu (one member shares their screen). We are also looking into how to replicate game days but have not arrived at a solution yet.” The Anime Association also attends an annual convention help in spring in Minneapolis called Animinneapolis which is an anime convention. This year with covid restriction s may apply to varying levels (or at all) and last year this event was cancelled.

If you have any questions or would like to join the Anime Association, email the advisor at ([email protected]).

Psych Club Coon Rapids

An image being used on the website to promote the Psychology Club. Image Credit: Anoka-Ramsey Community College

The Psych club is an open space to discuss and collaborate about the interest in psychology. You don’t have to be in a psych program to be in this club and is open to all students on both campuses. Recently the psych club has meet up on zoom to discuss the film “Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution” (they meet up on zoom and so far, that’s the only communication method mentioned. Kendra Miller, the advisor said, the club is currently exploring ideas for future activities.  Hillary Gokey (Cambridge Psychology faculty) and I had planned to collaborate, but unfortunately, we didn’t get any members from the Cambridge campus, so Hillary won’t be advising the club on the Cambridge campus this year.

If you have questions about the psych club or would like to join, email the advisor at, ([email protected]).

Student Senate Cambridge

Prior to Covid-19, members of the Cambridge Student Senate would occasionally wear the Rocky the Ram costume around campus. Image Credit: Mackenzie Krzmarzick

 Student Senate is an organization that allows students to have their voices heard as they advocate for problems they face on campus. Student Senate Cambridge meets every other Wednesday at 3 pm through Zoom. Student

Senate Cambridge communicates digitally through Zoom, frequent emails, Discord, and Microsoft Teams. Previously Student Senate Cambridge would meet up in person with an agenda and discuss the things we would like to advocate for. Now we do the same thing but though Zoom. This is an opportunity to connect with other students and make a difference within our college and our state. Our executive positions include the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasure, Public Relations Coordinator, and the LeadMN Liaison.

If you have any questions or would like to join student senate Cambridge, email the advisor at ([email protected]) or email the president at ([email protected]).

Ink Spot

Two Ink Spot staff members collaborate on video editing for a project. Image Credit: Mackenzie Krzmarzick

The Ink Spot (Cambridge) and the Campus Eye (Coon Rapids) is a way to empower student by giving them experience in journalism and allowing them to create their own news articles. Previously Ink spot would meet in person for individual coaching sessions on projects and communicate through messenger with the entire ink spot team as well as email. Individual coaching session times are flexible for scheduling Now we communicate through zoom for individual coaching sessions and team meetings… and email. There are no office positions but everyone who is in the ink spot is a staff member.

If you have any questions or would like to join Ink Spot, email the club advisor at ([email protected]). 



Gender-Sexuality Alliance

The Gender-Sexuality Alliance (GSA) is an open and welcoming environment for all students on both campuses regardless of your race, gender sexuality, and all forms of identity.

Asher Ward and Canada Groshens being crowned Prom Royalty at the 2019 GSA All-Inclusive Prom. Image Credit: Mackenzie Krzmarzick

The GSA previously met on Cambridge campus at 2:30 Pm on Tuesdays every week to plan events, hang out, and create a very welcoming environment for students. Now the GSA does a very similar thing but on zoom with the restrictions of covid. All events done are digitally and the GSA meets on zoom at the same time scheduled previously. There is a speed friending event planned for November 17th and other fun events will be planned through the year. We use Facebook messenger and a discord to communicate with.

If you have any questions or would like to join the GSA, email the club advisor at ([email protected])

The following clubs did not respond to an inquiry about the article that were listed in the virtual involvement fair:  Creative Writing Club Cambridge, Muslim Student Association, Student Nurses Association, PTK Cambridge, Psych Club Cambridge.