ARCC Cambridge hosts 18th Annual Candlelight Ski

This community-wide event promotes the college while offering winter fun.

By Jesse Mishler, Staff Writer

ARCC Cambridge campus, community and volunteers host the 18th annual Candlelight Ski on Saturday, February 1, 2020.  Thanks to the involvement of volunteers, the Cambridge community and ARCC staff, the event helped bring the community together and enjoy the winter weather.

Long-time event organizer and former ARCC faculty member Mary Januscha explained that the event began, “18 years [ago] and [ARCC] was enthusiastic about hosting the event.” Nearly two decades later, this event is still going strong because, according to Januscha, “This is an opportunity for the community to get out and enjoy the winter for family and friends.”

One of the 500 candle luminaries that lined the trails near campus. Image Credit: Liz Tischler

The event was prepared this year, according to Shannon Kirkeide, ARCC Dean of Community Engagement and Outreach, by, “A team of volunteers months in advance for planning on behalf of Anoka-Ramsey for the beautiful event by the river and for the community.” Kirkeide added that the volunteers were crucial to the event because, “many hands make light work.”

ARCC nursing instructor and event volunteer Christine Andres explained how the event impacts the community. “This brings the community together by skiing, candle lights and being together with the community in general” because the event is free, open to the public and created as a community collaboration by individuals at the college.

“It’s lovely and the weather’s so good. It’s always fun,” says participant Michelle Knutson, who attends nearly every year.

The details about this event highlight the need for collaboration to make the event a success. There were over 500 candlelight luminaries that had to be created, set on the two miles of trails and picked up afterward. Participants were allowed to do different activities including, skiing, hiking and snowshoeing across the trail. In the past and in this event, about 100-150 participants attended. This event also included a music performance from Rick Stener and Kenny Krona in G202. Prizes, provided by the ARCC Foundation, were also given out as a reward for traveling on the ski trail.