New Cyber Security Degree Available at ARCC


One class offered in this program is Ethical Hacking.

College aims to address a workforce shortage by offering cyber security courses and credentialing.

By Allison Groshens
Staff Writer

As of August, 2018, ARCC is now offering a Cyber Security program, available almost entirely online. The United States in currently facing a workforce shortage of almost 314,000 cybersecurity professionals, and our college is looking to fill that gap.

According to Corey Blommel, networking and security instructor, “According to data derived from job postings, the number of unfilled cybersecurity jobs has grown by more than 50 percent since 2015. By 2022, the global cybersecurity workforce shortage has been projected to reach upwards of 1.8 million unfilled positions.”

Blommel, who is also the computer science and computer networking department chair, explained, “We offer a well-rounded curriculum that exposes students [to] various cybersecurity topics. After students are taught the foundational skills, they go on to learn specific aspects of cybersecurity such as social engineering, cyber defense, ethical hacking and incident handling.”

One class offered in this program is Ethical Hacking.

The courses have been structured around a specific program sequence, which can be found on the Cybersecurity Program Guide Sheet on the ARCC website. According to Blommel, courses are offered on both campuses and online. However, according to the published schedule on the ARCC website, the courses available now are mostly online. There are also two classes that are only offered at Coon Rapids campus, although these are courses that are only needed during the last semester of the program.

There are four instructors who will be teaching the courses for this program, including Blommel, who also that the workload of his classes and those of the other three instructors are similar to other classes.

Currently, Corey Blommel ([email protected]) is the main person to contact with questions about this program.