Environmental Club Host 8th Annual Earth Friendly Fair at Cambridge Campus


Young attendee sets wax in play-doh mold with the help of Jeffrey Knapp, geography instructor. Photo Credit: Leeanne Ortega

This year’s theme, “The Tree Within Me,” was slightly overshadowed by having to be rescheduled due to an April snowstorm.  

By Leeanne Ortega
Staff Writer

This year’s 8th annual Earth Friendly Fair hosted by E-club was held 11am-2:30pm in G201/2 on Cambridge Campus. The fair was originally set to take place April 14, but due to weather it had to be rescheduled to May 5.  

Nicole Rademacher, student president of E-club, helps out at the bead table. Photo Credit: Leeanne Ortega

“Since we had to move the date, we ended up losing a number of our venders, but it’s still great. We have lots of activities for kids everywhere!” says Peter Wahlstrom, advisor of E-club.  

The theme of this year’s fair was “the tree within me” and to celebrate trees and help the environment, E-club gave out coniferous seedlings (tiny pine tree starters) to attendees with instructions on how to plant them. In addition, food and snacks were provided, as well as activities including a scavenger hunt, 50-yard “Earth dash,” kite flying, petting young calves, face painting, hair coloring, and numerous crafts.  Attendees also had the option to see two presentations: young student-written-and-performed skits, and Kid Power with Rachael – an interactive music show. A raffle for door prizes concluded the event.  

Attendees young and old enjoyed creating their own stuffed animals at the event. Photo Credit: Leeanne Ortega

The fair was heavily geared towards children. “Oh yeah, the kids are stuffing stuffed animals and we got lots of activities everywhere,” Nicole Rademacher, student president of E-club explains. 

Along with stuffing animals, young attendees participated in crafts like making necklaces and bracelets and painting miniature pots. Jeffrey Knapp, a geography instructor, ran three craft stations, the “dino-station,” rock painting and making fossils out of crayons. Knapp used play-doh and old shells and fossils to create molds, and then poured melted crayon wax into the play-doh molds. Once the wax cooled and was removed from the play-doh, it became a functional fossil. “It’s a way to re-purpose crayons,” Knapp explained.    

Young attendee sets wax in play-doh mold with the help of Jeffrey Knapp, geography instructor. Photo Credit: Leeanne Ortega

Humans weren’t the only attendees at the fair. May, an 11-month-old Great Dane attended the event with her owners. The Kid Power with Rachael performance also guest starred a pet Chinchilla and bearded dragon. In this interactive music show, the main performer Rachael Kroog combined the three loves in her life: children, animals and music to make a career entertaining and educating kids.  

If you missed this year’s event, keep an eye out for information on next year’s Earth Friendly Fair, or contact Peter Wahlstrom to see about getting involved in E-club.  

During her performance of Kid Power with Rachael, Rachael Kroog engages the audience with humor and educates them on avoiding chinchilla fur coats. Photo Credit: Leeanne Ortega