Cambridge Campus Reaches Blood Donation Goal


Student Nurses Association hosted their annual spring blood drive.

By Andrea Gerrard
Staff Writer

Brooklynn Underhill giving blood after she was elected into her new position as Cambridge Student Senate President 2018-2019. Photo Credit: Andrea Gerrard

On March 26, 11 AM – 5 PM, at Cambridge campus, the American Red Cross brought the blood mobile to students, staff, faculty and the public.  

 The goal for this event was to collect 23 pints of blood. Of the 35 appointments made for the event, 25 appointments took place as scheduled and 10 of the donors were not able to donate due to outside reasons. Despite the initial obstacles, Cambridge campus came through with a combined donation of 27 pints of blood, surpassing the goal.

This life-saving event was hosted by the Campus Student Nurses Association (SNA). Students do not need to be a nursing student to be a part of the club. The purpose of the group is to inspire students to be involved in health science.

If you would like to contribute to this cause and were unable to make it to the March 26 event, visit for more details on other donation dates.