Been to Any Cambridge Campus Sports Lately? Probably not. has a full schedule of ARCC sports events.

Been to Any Cambridge Campus Sports Lately? Probably not.

Interview with Dean of Student Affairs about Sports at Cambridge

By Ryan Schaal
Staff Writer

A brief, informal poll of five Cambridge campus students indicated that they didn’t know that Cambridge had sporting events. They also said that they wouldn’t attend the sporting events because there wasn’t enough time in their busy schedules. If five students feel this way, it’s likely that others do, too.

An interview with Steve Crittenden, the Dean of Student Affairs at Cambridge campus, explained how to get more involved with sports on campus.

Crittenden first explained how to participate on a sports team at Cambridge campus. “From a participation standpoint, if students are interested in participating in athletics, they can simply contact the head coach for each sport, or Dave Alto, Athletic Coordinator, to get more information about a particular program or possibly try out for a team.”

Women’s softball plays at Cambridge campus. Photo Credit: ARCC Golden Rams

Not seeing the sport you like offered at Cambridge campus? Crittenden said that advocating for a new team on campus, “is something we would need to discuss with our Athletic Fee/Budget committee, Student Senate, and campus constituent groups.”

Not only is awareness of sports participation opportunities low at Cambridge, general awareness of teams and games is also low.

“To promote our programs, we place posters around campus with the coaches’ contact information and team game schedules.  Dave Alto also attends the club fair at the beginning of fall semesters to promote athletics.  Coaches will sometimes send an email to the student body asking if anyone is interested in participating.”

If you are looking into these opportunities, or just want to see how well our sports teams are doing, Crittenden commented, “We also have an athletic website:  On the website, students can fill out a questionnaire with their recruiting information.  This website is also great way to follow our athletics teams’ performance or check their game schedule in case a student wants to attend a game.” has a full schedule of ARCC sports events.

Once you find a game you want to attend, remember that all students get in free to home games (except for NJCAA regional competitions).  Your best bet for finding a game on the Cambridge campus is our Women’s Softball team.

“Softball plays all of their home contests on the Cambridge campus.  The rest of our teams play in Coon Rapids.  We are always open to new ideas on how to promote our athletic teams to meet the needs of our students.” Crittenden explained.

Campus life and campus development is huge when attending college. Sports play a big role in development and Crittenden voiced his thoughts on this topic. In regard to the role of athletics in the development of a colleges campus, the opportunity to participate in athletics can greatly contribute to a student’s motivation to attend college.  Most of our student athletes choose ARCC because of the opportunity to continue both their academic and athletic interests.”

Sports are also very helpful for the diversity on campus. Crittenden elaborated, “Athletics also play an important role in adding to the diversity of a college through the variety of programs that are offered and students who are interested in participating.  Having a variety of student life opportunities for students to participate in outside of the classroom is an important aspect of student success.  Students who are engaged with the college outside of the classroom tend to have higher rates of retention, persistence and completion.”

Even if sports isn’t your main interest, ARCC offers plenty of other student life activities. Crittenden concluded, “ARCC proudly supports our extracurricular opportunities, whether it is athletics, theater, music, student senate, clubs or organizations.”