Student on the Street – What Would You Do? (Green Dot Edition)


Student on the Street – What Would You Do (Green Dot Edition)

“What would you do if you saw someone slip something into a drink at a party or restaurant, how would you respond to this behavior?โ€ 

By Patrick Clark
Staff Writer

Each spring semester, ARCC Cambridge campus offers a violence intervention workshop called Green Dot, which educates attendees (both students and faculty/staff) about what how to intervene in unsafe situations to help others from becoming victims. Being Green Dot certified (by completing the workshop) allows individuals to have a better awareness of possible violent situations. It also allows those individuals to respond to these situations in an appropriate manner, depending on the situation. 

One such situation is a concern of college students: what to do if you notice that someone slips something into some else’s drink at a party or restaurant. Here’s how some ARCC students said they would respond. 

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