WinterFest medallion found in three hours

By Mary Schmitt
Campus Eye Staff

A quick thinking-student who arrived early on Cambridge campus found this year’s WinterFest medallion in record time.

Having arrived on campus early that day for reasons other than the hunt, Charles Larson noticed the first clue hanging on a wall and “thought it would be fun to look,” recalling how entertaining the hunt was last semester.

He began to walk down the halls and after only minimal searching, thought to check under a table, “And there it was!” he said.

Much to the astonishment of Student Activities Coordinator Cindi Gilbert and many students besides, Larson claimed the $50 prize just three hours after the first clue had been posted.

“It was an exciting moment” for Larson, whose unplanned search led him to such a victory.

In the past, medallions have been hidden anywhere from inside board games at the Student Activities office area to under shelves in the library.

This semester however, the medallion was under a table. Gilbert said someone would almost need to literally “flip the tables” to find it.

Larson said he “felt very lucky,” because the first table he thought to check under was his winner.

According to Gilbert, the next hunt will be much more of a challenge, declaring that the medallion is “going to be very difficult to find!”